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A lean, fast and cost-effective approach for creating unique brands tailored to the needs of early-stage startups.

From Kick-Off to Launch on the fast track. Up to 6 weeks is all it takes.


A MVB provides a robust, flexible foundation for your brand evolution. From MVP development to Go-to-Market execution.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity & Design
Brand Identity & Design
Channels & Assets
Channels & Assets
Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy


We accept up to 3 projects quarterly, ensuring depth of focus and uncompromising quality.



Designers & Dev. Team

Designers & Dev. Team



What is the unique value of a brand?
A brand is the distinct identity that differentiates your startup. It's more than a logo—it's the essence of your vision and values, shaping customer perceptions and interactions. Its unique value lies in forging emotional connections, fostering trust, and delivering a consistent experience. While products can be replicated, a well-crafted brand is unmatched and irreplaceable.
When should i consider a MVB?
If you're in the early stages of your startup or planning to launch a new product or service, a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) is your go-to strategy. The MVB serves as the cornerstone of your brand's identity, used for pitching to investors, marketing your business, and cultivating a strong customer base.
Whats the difference to a traditional branding approach?
Traditional branding, while comprehensive and robust, might not always serve the dynamic needs of a startup. In startups, ideas pivot and circumstances change rapidly. An MVB is a strategic response to this environment, focusing on essential assets to support early stage startups without unnecessary extras. It’s swift, flexible, and cost-effective, making it a smart choice for startups or new product launches.
Is MVB a one-size-fits-all approach?
Our approach is about precision, not standardization. Each Minimum Viable Brand is a custom creation, blending proven strategies with unique insights. Projects are tailored to the specific needs and goals of your startup, designed to be both efficient and effective. It's about aligning your brand with your vision and ensuring that it resonates with your unique identity and objectives.
Can you explain the Process in Detail?
The MVB process involves three key phases: Strategy, Design, and Implementation. In the Strategy phase, we collaboratively establish a clear and effective brand strategy. During the Design phase, this strategy is transformed into a compelling visual identity. The Implementation phase is when your MVB comes to life — your brand strategy and identity are rolled out, and a website, acting as a digital business card, is launched. This website plays a crucial role in your brand's visibility and is designed to be a conversion-driven part of your sales funnel.
How does a MVB evolve as my startup grows?
Your MVB is not a static entity; it's designed to adapt and evolve with your startup. As your business matures, your MVB can be refined and expanded through our Lean Brand Building approach. This may include enhancing the visual identity, adjusting the brand strategy based on customer feedback and market changes, or developing a more comprehensive brand narrative. I'm committed to fostering your brand's growth alongside your startup's evolution.